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Impacts of GST on indian economy | effects of gst on indian economy

Gst can impact Indian economy in a big way. With the global market is going through a severe recession, Gst is not a threat to the economy at all. India is one of the countries that are benefited from Gst due to its large population.There are various sectors in the Indian economy, which benefits from Gst. With the economic slowdown in the global market, Gst cannot have negative impact on the economy. The following are some of the sectors that are affected by Gst:Agriculture: This sector depends upon agricultural products and other resources that are obtained through agriculture. This sector is the largest consumer of food and other food stuffs produced by any industry. With the demand for food dropping, agriculture also suffers.Construction Industry: With the economy being hit by global recession, construction industry also suffers. People who depend on the construction industry are the ones who are suffering the most. With this effect, people find themselves with reduced jobs, which …

How to increase productivity while working from home

After the Novel Corona virus, work from home culture across the world has bridged the gap between professionalism and personal life.  Over the last four months, 'Work from Home’ has become popular in various countries including India, but it has also increased creativity and efficiency.  But during work from home, maintaining your functionality amidst the angst, work pressure and family movements is also an art.  The lockdown found employees unable to work without an office setup, according to the Albert and Young Agency.  Due to lack of office environment and unconcerned style of the house, he faced many problems.  But by keeping a few things in mind, you can improve your performance.

1.Concentrate on becoming a team leader 

US President Winston Churchill used to say, "Opportunity is hidden in every disaster."  If you have any start-up, this is the right time to make the team strong and self-reliant.  Give them an opportunity to come upstairs.  Prioritize competence rather than seniority.  In this era of economic crisis, instill a sense of security among the colleagues.  

2.Participate in virtual events.

 Online meetings, webinars  'and virtual discussions have emerged as important technical support.  Become part of such webinars and workshops related to your region.  These panels also provide an opportunity to interact with industry giants.  Also attend seminars like mental health, career development and during the lockdown.

3. complete unfinished tasks. 

 After lockdown, there has been a backlash all over the world.  “To fill this empty space, work on projects which are incomplete due to lack of time.  Use this time to resume such a project.  Apply more time and planning than other projects.

4.  Focus on mental health .. 

 Life after Corona “* will not be the same.  Mental. Health related problems ... will increase.  Depression, stress and the future.  Apprehensions will also increase.  In such a situation ... through exercise, yoga, meditation and psychological ... keep nurturing your mental health continuously through counseling.  Only a healthy team leader can inspire a team.  .. 

 5. Always keep yourself updated 

 Families like Henry Ford, Dhirubhai Ambani 52, and Amitabh Bachchan have written success stories in the worst phase of their career.  There is a need to constantly cut ourselves.  Make notes read about the latest happenings and research related to the field.  Failure requires striving. 

6.Make your network strong.

 Always be connected with your colleagues and investors. It is very important to continuously build and develop your connections with the people.

7. Continue to learn new skills

 Research suggests that after acquiring new skills  or any new information…There is secretion of adrenaline hormone in the body and brain which keeps us excited and happy.  Use of free time.  Increase your skills.  Experts say that choose a course that is different from your current field of work….