Zerodha Account Opening process and charges

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Everybody wants to make money from the stock market. But to buy and sell stocks in the stock market you need a valid Demat and trading. Today here I will show you how you can open your account completely online. If you're new to the stock market or if you've just heard about the markets you should have an account in Zerodha. Zerodha is one of the best discount brokers available now in India as of 2020. 

So now before  we get started in opening your account

you need to have the following documents in place you need -

-PAN card
-Aadhaar card 
-a canceled check
-a photo or scan copy of a signature 
-your income proof
 if you wish to trade futures and options now your income proof can be your form 16 
- IT acknowledgment copy 
-your six-month bank statement
 or any of the above 

once you have all these documents ready 
and you have your mobile number 
and your email ID 

 you can go ahead and get

started with the process

 Click on sign up 

now  key in your mobile number and hit

continue you receive a six-digit OTP on

your mobile number key in that and hit


 now you have to verify your 

email address click continue and enter

the 6-digit OTP that you receive on

your email

 that's done and now let's

start with your PAN make sure you write in

your PAN exactly as per your records

followed by your date of birth 

select the information accurately 

accept and continue

 now you have to make the payment

 Zerodha has multiple payment options

which is upĂ® or net banking

 go-ahead with the payment 

now you're taken to  your bank site where you complete the

process and get back onto the site done

you've made the payment now you have to

connect to Digi Locker you have to

share your other details with Digi Locker 

Sign in to your digital locker

account if you don't have the Digi locker app

 Download it and put your

mobile number and sign in with your OTP

 digital Locker is a government

an initiative where you can save

all your important government Authority

issued documents online and share it

with the relevant sources whenever you

need to key in your OTP and hit continue

enter your security pin now if you don't

have your PIN you can click on forgot my

pin and reset it allows to

access the digital locker and share a copy of

your other now you can check your other

details and now you have to enter your

personal information now enter your bank

account details make sure the

information you're entering is accurate

you don't want to put in the wrong

information because it's gonna affect

everything now you can see on the right

side your details have popped up your

bank details now enter your background

information make sure you choose all the

options read the information select all

by clicking the checkboxes and then

finally hitting continue now you've come

to the IPV page that's in-person

verification please have a paper on

which you can write your OTP allows it

order to access your webcam make sure

you've written the OTP on a paper and

hold it in front of you

just like this save your IPV now use add

her to e sign your application form

upload the relevant documents which I

asked you to keep handy at the beginning

of the process

 now your income proof is

optional but If you  like to trade F&O you can upload it

your current signature and your pan copy all of these

soft copies have to be uploaded onto

Zerodha and then you click assign equity

this takes you to the NSDL page where

you have to again continue by verifying

your email id key in the security code

hit submit scroll down and check your

form sign now again you get to the

OTP this might be the last OTP enter your

other number enter OTP and hit submit

you've signed your online application

form now you can go back to your

dashboard and download the nominee form

if you would like to

a nominee to your account 

Zerodha will send

your information as soon as your account

is open to get started

Opening a Demat is a very easy process nowadays. You will get some emails from the Zerodha on the updates of your account.

Happy Trading.