How to make money from Instagram : top 6 ways to earn from instagram

Making money from Instagram is becoming a trend nowadays in youngsters. After Facebook acquired Instagram its userbase is increasing day by day. As of now in 2020 Instagram has 800 million active Instagram users. This is a very huge number Isn't it?. And some of the Instagram users are making a lot of money out of this platform. Here I will show you some interesting by using which you can earn a good income.

1. Become an Instagram influencer - 

Well, I put on number one, cause it's the easiest way to earn money from Instagram. You must have heard about Virat Kohli. He earns approx rs1000000 by posting one sponsored post which is the lifetime earnings a middle-class Indian. So this is the power of social media influencing.

He earned approx 3.62cr by posting only 3 sponsored posts during the time of the coronavirus pandemic. This is just an example of one influencer. There are so many on Instagram. You only have to improve yourself and attract people.

2. Sell shoutouts - 

Many of the people confuse shoutouts with influencing. But they both are different. Shoutouts are promotions to services, products, and services. You can promote anything whatever you want from the shoutouts. Meme pages are the best examples of selling shoutouts. Through shootouts, you can promote other Instagram pages, promote brands, and sell premium services.

 The founder of @ComedySlam, 17-year-old Declan Mortimer, said that he made above $200000 with his 11-million-follower page.  (source Marketwatch)
Other examples are @epicfunnypage @memezar @funnymeme

It's not necessary to have only meme pages. I only took it as an example. You can also provide users any type of content like inspirational, motivational informative, and education page. Anything just create whatever you want and don't think about the audience. You must get followers if your content is good

They are so many examples. You can also make a good amount if you even have only 2k followers. And also don't worry if you only 100 followers cause everybody started from zero.

3. Affiliate marketing 

Well, this is the oldest way to make money on social media. In affiliate marketing, you promote other people's products on your page and when someone buys that product you get some commission. It's not that easy to sell other products But once you get a good setup. It pays you more than shoutouts. You can use amazon affiliate,, ResellerClub, etc.

For example, you have an Instagram page related to motivational quotes. So you can find a motivational book on amazon and promote that book in your Instagram post or stories and tell the audience that this the best book to get success or something like that if you wanna buy the book check my bio. Now put the affiliate link of that book in the bio of your page.
I took the example of the book cause Amazon provides the highest commission on books (approx 10-12%). So whenever someone buys that book you will get a commission.
It's done.

4.- Become an online entrepreneur

. Online entrepreneurs mean conducting business using the internet or social media platforms. 

While scrolling through Instagram a few days ago I found a different type by people making a lot of money. They are also building a very big network. Generally, these people post their photos and stories every day by their lifestyle and attract a lot of people using their lifestyle. The young generation of today gets attracted to these type of people very fast.

These people have some type of business plan behind their minds.

They tell their followers how did they git this luxury product if join our program etc. And this is always a legal way to promote products or services on the net.

So if you have a business idea you can easily attract a lot of people.

5. Sell services

I received messages from a lot of people selling their services on Instagram. So here is how this works.

You can make a video course or any paid course like if you have a page related to photography create a video course on photography and tell your followers to learn photography.

Another example is a digital marketing course which are very popular nowadays.

If you sell the course in even 500rs you can earn a lot. You can earn rs 50000 by selling it to only 100 people. But for that first, you will have to provide quality content to the users. You only have to create a course of your own interest.

 6.  Promote website, apps or youtube channels

If you have an Instagram with a good userbase you can create a website and send traffic to the website. You can write an article related to the topic of your page and attract refer the followers to the site or blog. Youtube is also a good idea to make money online. You must have heard about the YouTubers.

Some extra tips.

Always use genuine ways don't be a copycat.
Don't sell a lot of shoutouts
Keep only one niche.
Post consistently.