How to make money from Blogging

Making money from blogging is not that easy as it looks. It is one of the hardest ways to make money online on the internet. Well, Blogging began as an easy internet activity which will be considerably likened to writing in diaries and keeping journals around. They are both similar in terms of writing out thoughts and therefore the like, the difference lies in where these said thoughts and opinions are published. In journals and diaries, they're never published unless the intention is to show them into autobiographies. On the opposite hand, blogs are easily published on the internet. Another difference is that with blogs, there's the likelihood of earning real money online. How is this possible?

So the question is how to make money out of blogging.?
The first thing you have to do is creating a website. 
The website should be based on a niche like health, wealth, or fitness.
 Now after creating a start writing articles on the topic which you are interested in. 
And then earn money through internet banners and online ads. 

When the blog becomes pretty fashionable its entries become popular, more people are getting to read the blog and can successively comment and even suggest said blog to their friends. In this sense, it reaches a wide range of audiences and becomes an instrument for marketing. When blogs are popular, businesses prefer to put their online ads or online banners in these sites to catch the eye of the people that are visiting these blogs. And in fact, as these businesses put their banners on their site, the blog owner and writer earn money out of it. Sweet money indeed!

So here are some ways to make money from blogging.

1.Google Adsense
2.Affiliate Marketing
3.URL shorteners
4. Promote other's websites.
5. Sell premium services.
6.sell your own products
7.Create a donation button on the site
8. Sell advertisement space on you pages
9. Offer consulting services
10.Create and sell an ebook

Earn money through write-ups of various products and services. Bloggers earn a reputation after some time. There are many sorts of bloggers like techie bloggers that write on gadgets and therefore the like, there also are fashion bloggers and there also is the so-called food people blog about food, brands, and restaurants. When these bloggers become pretty popular, businesses come to them to be reviewed and be advertised within the sort of promotion by word of mouth. And since they need to become fashionable what they are doing, people take their word for it and trust the reviews they need to be given.

Earn money through hits. The popularity of websites and web pages are measured and are based on hits. These hits are the number of clicks and visits an internet site gathers during a day. When there are tons of hits within each day, search engines and other companies enlist the assistance of the blogger so as to market their businesses a bit like the two entries above. When the location is basically popular, they're seen as a sort of authority in their fields and are approached by businesses that cater to an equivalent field. cement

You can earn by affiliate providing affiliate links on the blog.