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Impacts of GST on indian economy | effects of gst on indian economy

Gst can impact Indian economy in a big way. With the global market is going through a severe recession, Gst is not a threat to the economy at all. India is one of the countries that are benefited from Gst due to its large population.There are various sectors in the Indian economy, which benefits from Gst. With the economic slowdown in the global market, Gst cannot have negative impact on the economy. The following are some of the sectors that are affected by Gst:Agriculture: This sector depends upon agricultural products and other resources that are obtained through agriculture. This sector is the largest consumer of food and other food stuffs produced by any industry. With the demand for food dropping, agriculture also suffers.Construction Industry: With the economy being hit by global recession, construction industry also suffers. People who depend on the construction industry are the ones who are suffering the most. With this effect, people find themselves with reduced jobs, which …

How to grow your business in India : 2020 Edition

                  source | pixabay

How to make your business big. These questions are of a lot of people, here you have to work in some parts of your business, after which your business will become very big and you will not face any problem in future.

1-Protect intellectual property

When we start doing business, for that we have to do some documents i.e. some paper work like we have to put our business name in it, keeping company name, trade mark logo and registering our company etc. is .

2- Protect key employees

In any company or business, there are some key employees who are very well aware of your business, it is very important to protect those whom you can call the best employees. If you did not secure them, then maybe your competitive competitors offer them a good You can join your company by giving

3-Make Loyalty between Customers

Just as you protect your key employees, similarly protect your business / business special customers as most of your business profits come from some of your key customers.

4-Protect data save your data

This is also an important way to make any business grow, because data is very important for any company, you also keep the data of your business safe

5.- Create a sales funnel

If you are missing this one then you are doing a big mistake. Sales funnel lets you increase the sales of your product on a very high scale. you can start creating from the very first beginning when you start your business from the scratch.

6.- Maximize social media network

While we are living in the 21st which is full of internet things, so it's very important to take your business online.  Create a website for your business, make social media pages. Social media can help to reach your products to the right customers.

7.- Build a customer management system

To give the customers a better experience you can build a customer management system.

8.- Provide offers to the customers

providing discount offers to a customer can give you a much better results than your thinking. when a customer buys something on discounted price . he tells to other people in this way the sales grow very fast.